Thursday, June 30, 2005

Partnerships light up Sun's Java show | CNET

Partnerships light up Sun's Java show | CNET "Even as IT industry titans such as IBM, Oracle and stay the course with Java, Sun's dominion over the Java world faces a rising, grassroots open-source challenge. Plus: An interview with Java honcho James Gosling."

CNN begins podcasting

Access one of CNN's podcast feeds to get news delivered to your desktop that is ready to load on your portable MP3 player.

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BitTorrent Whiz Extolled Piracy?

BitTorrent programmer Bram Cohen may be in legal jeopardy after the discovery on Wednesday of an old agenda buried on his website saying he creates programs to "commit digital piracy."

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"How It Works...The Computer"

A kids book about computers from 1971 (along with the 1979 updated version) has been scanned and posted. This is a fun way to look back on what technology was like back in the '70s.

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Firefox passes the 10% mark in Europe!

German firm has just published a press release stating that Firefox has now more than 10% market share in Europe, with a peak at almost 23% in Finland (and 19% of Gecko-based browsers in Germany).

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Ten things you didn't know about eBay

Interesting story about behind-the-scenes stats and trivia regarding eBay. If everyone who makes their living on eBay was an employee of eBay, it would be the second biggest private employer in the nation (behind Wal-mart, those bastards).

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Official digg podcast coming soon!

We are pleased to announce that former TechTV hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht have agreed to host a weekly podcast version of digg. Each 30 min podcast will cover the most dugg stories, as well as their personal favorites. Expect to see the first release sometime within the next two weeks!

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The Movie Reviewer Construction Kit

Create your own movie review! Great stuff.

Or a better name. Its Ebert and Roeper in a box. An Really BIG box to fit in that sumo size Rorger Ebert.!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where do all the LoserCars go when they finally die?

The Ugliest Cars You'll Ever See, Some people don't know it's time for a new car.

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Here you'll find spectacular car crash photos. Hopefully these photos will motivate people to drive carefully, and think about what they are doing on the road, remembering that other people's lives are at stake.

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Cable's Big Bet On Hyper-Targeting

Time Warner will test new software that sends different ads to different viewers.

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Here come the Summer First Hot Weather Streak

Is this is not fun to hear. But only three more mouth until cooler weather comes to the valley of the geeks. ie fall!!


BART Unions Set July 6 Strike Date

BART Unions Set July 6 Strike Date: "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Bay Area Rapid Transit workers are set to walk off the job July 6 if they can't agree with management on a new contract."

Bay Area Commuters Get ready to stop. This is going to make watching Traffic Reports on the Morning News Fun Again!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Make your own error messages

Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator - create your own error message here

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Google Earth is now beta.

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world�s geographic information at your fingertips.

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AMD Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel

Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices launched a new legal offensive against rival Intel this morning, filing an antitrust lawsuit in a federal court in California.

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Apple simplifys iPod lineup, adds color screens to all full-size iPods

Apple today announced that it is merging its iPod and iPod photo lines, adding color screens to all full-size �white� iPod models. The new iPod lineup features a new 20GB model for $299 and a 60GB model for $399 ($50 cheaper). The company has apparently dropped the 30GB iPod photo model, which sold for $349.

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Error Message Gallery

Various user-created error messages from Windows. Read if you need a good laugh!

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Monday, June 27, 2005

File-swap fallout in Supreme Court ruling | CNET

File-swap fallout in Supreme Court ruling | CNET "Movie studios and record labels win a sweeping victory against file swapping as the Supreme Court rules that peer-to-peer companies such as Grokster can be held liable for the copyright piracy on their networks.

Supreme Court rules against file swapping
In unanimous decision, justices say Grokster and others could be held responsible for widespread copyright infringement.
June 27, 2005 Poll
Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision in the Grokster case?


View results

Ruling won't slow file-swapping, experts say
File-swapping software is so widely distributed, it will be hard to stamp it out or even slow its growth.
June 27, 2005

Congress applauds file-sharing ruling
There's no sign of a desire in Congress to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in key file-swapping case.
June 27, 2005

Grokster case: Winners and losers
Supreme Court ruling could have profound impact on tech landscape--beyond current battle of Hollywood vs. a few P2P sites.
June 27, 2005

Is this the end of P2P?
Music labels won a clear victory with Monday's ruling, but does the Supreme Court's decision really spell the end of file swapping?
June 27, 2005"

Knoppix 4.0 DVD - Like a Kid in a Candy Store

A totally new release of Knoppix was unveiled at LinuxTag 2005, Knoppix 4.0. This is the release that introduces the split between "maxi" DVD and "mini" CD releases. I've tried out the 4.0 DVD and let me tell you, I'm like a kid in a candy store.

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Google To Launch Online Video Playback This Monday

Monday Google will launch an in-browser video playback feature based on the open source VLC media player. This is the logical next step for Google's video search and upload function, which began taking uploads from anyone who cared to submit back in April.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

SBC's TV project isn't happening at 'Lightspeed'

SBC, the telecommunications giant, calls its planned television service, "Project Lightspeed." Technical, legal and programming stumbling blocks have disrupted SBC's ambitious plan to sell television programming over high-speed lines

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The FoolTank Anti-RIAA/MPAA Pic Contest

This contest runs through Sunday, June 26, 2005

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Digg 2.0 Public Beta (48hr)

We are pleased to announce the digg 2.0 public beta. For all the details and login information, please read the comments of this story.

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eBay gets an earful from sellers | CNET

eBay gets an earful from sellers | CNET "SAN JOSE, Calif.--eBay sellers sounded off about rising fees and Chinese counterfeits at the auction site's annual user conference on Friday while rival sent an ad-slathered car to the event to lure disgruntled eBay sellers.

eBay, the site that pioneered the online auction revolution 10 years ago, is facing increasing competition from auction and other stores at Overstock, Yahoo and Also putting pressure on eBay is Google, which is working on an online payment service and whose paid search listing and advertising services are a big draw for Web merchants."

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

FTC Examines P2P

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) released its report on the effects of file-sharing on the consumer. Perhaps to the chagrin of some, the FTC finds more positive attributes than negative.

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Blogger Image Upload test.


Nothing get back to nature by going camping and reading Leo Laporte reading Leo Laporte's Guide to TiVo!!!!

Turning a VCR into a PVR

By cleaning out the guts of a VCR, this gentleman managed to turn a dinosaur into a brand-new PVR, using open-source software.

Yoshi Should do this mod next episode of from the shadows. Better yet do a Mod with an Old Betamax deck and trans format into 60 hour HDTV PVR.

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Things Jeff Levy got wrong

Well, I had been listening to Jeff Levy for quite a while, and had heard him make mistakes many times. Mistakes like, getting the words in an acronym wrong; and incorrect terminology; or being just plain wrong.

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Dual Core Stress Test: AMD vs. Intel

AMD and Intel go head-2-head for 18 days to see which Dual Core processor rules the world. The stress test covered every imaginable measurement resulting in one clear winner.

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Intel Says Photonics Light the Way to Faster Chips

Researchers expect to switch from electrical interconnects to silicon photonics, which uses light to transmit data in and out of chips.

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Death On Demand Drive Tech

Engadget has an article on 'Dead on Demand' technology to destroy your disk drive should it be compromised by any number of ways., removal of device from a resting GPS point, cellular telephone call, or even a change in temperature will release a chemical mist into the drive (not the computer) destroying it layer by layer.'

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Where Google gets all that Gmail hard drive space

It would be more funny if only it were not true.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

PBS, NPR Saved!

According to an email sent to members of, "In an unexpected move yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives approved a measure to restore $100 million of funding for NPR, PBS and local public stations.1 Republican leaders were proposing to slash $200 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but you helped stop them."

If only PBS would cancels Barney from the public airwaves, The world would be a safer place for everyone.


The Earth is under attack.

The demon lord B'harne, servant of the malevolent alien High Magus of Lyra, has commenced his assault on the human race. Under the benevolent guise of the children's television host Barney the Dinosaur, B'harne seeks to destroy the minds of children and adults and bind them to his tyrranical will. Once he has made mindless slaves of humanity, B'harne will rule the Earth with an iron talon.

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Sony denies seeking PSP customer data

Sony dismissed news that the company is asking some online stores for customer information to track shipments of its PlayStation Portable game console in the United Kingdom.

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Google Blogger Allows 300MB of Photos NOW!!!

Blogger has updated their features, which allows posting of JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP images and stores up to 300 MB on Blogger's server. They have also created a new interface to upload your pix from your computer & the web. See the comments 4 links to more details...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

IE pop-up spoofing problem won't get patch | CNET

IE pop-up spoofing problem won't get patch | CNET "Microsoft does not plan to update Internet Explorer to prevent a spoofing attack that could trick users into giving out personal information to hackers.

In the attack, JavaScript is used to display a pop-up window in front of a trusted Web site. The pop-up appears to be part of the legitimate site, but actually is linked to a different, malicious site. A user might be fooled into sending personal information to the scammers."

This is another reason why I am never switching back to IE!

iRobot opens its Roomba to developers, trains

the company will open up the application programming interfaces for the vacuum so that third parties can make cameras or other attachments and, ideally, grow the overall market for personal robots, said CEO Colin Angle in an interview

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Bush Turns Down Simpsons

US President GEORGE W BUSH has snubbed producers of animated TV hit THE SIMPSONS, by refusing to appear in an episode of the show.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yet another, Mac "Switch" Parody

Pretty funny, you'll just have to watch it

That guy reminds me of Chris pirillo, I wonder what Leo laporte opinion on this Mac "Switch" Parody. I bet John C Dvorak, Is grinning ear to ear and jumping up and down after watching those dixv files.

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The Onion in 2056

The Onion is always a great satire of a news site, read what life will be like in 2056.

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When 'digital bullying' goes too far | CNET

When 'digital bullying' goes too far | CNET "Two years ago, Ryan routinely spent two to three hours a night instant messaging with classmates. Then he noticed a pattern: 'It made me feel terrible.'

Kids, the 13-year-old said, spent the better part of their evenings insulting one another online. 'They'd start getting really mad at you, and sometimes it wouldn't even make sense,' said the Manhattan teenager, who asked that his last name not be used. 'It made me really cautious about what people were really saying behind my back. Leaving IM and walking around, I still was thinking about it. It felt really horrible.'"

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pictures from a very, very, very messy 'datacenter'(!?)

Just found these pictures... from what seem to be a mini-datacenter installed on someone's house. The boards over wooden shelves looks like a fire waiting to happen (10 pictures) And I thought My room was messy.

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Bork Bork Bork! - Firefox Extension

View web pages or mail as spoken by the Swedish Chef.

This version now supports both Firefox and Thunderbird. In Thunderbird any message which is marked as junk is automatically "borked". Sort of like Total Peril Sensitive Sunglasses for spam

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New Three Tuner PVR set-top box

The new PVR set-top box incorporates a substantial 160Gb hard drive and three video tuners, which will allow viewers to receive Telewest Broadband's digital TV service and record two programmes simultaneously while watching a third.

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Best Of TSS - Leo Laporte 2004 Technology Almanac DVD video

Best Of TSS - Leo Laporte 2004 Technology Almanac DVD video rip to divx.

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Monday, June 20, 2005 4GB SD Card Announced 4GB SD Card Announced: " 4GB SD Card Announced
Posted By: Ryan on Thursday, June 02, 2005 12:59:58 PM

ATP, a Taiwan memory manufacturer, has announced a new ProMax SD card line that will come in capacities of up to 2GB initially, with a 4GB card planned.

4GB SD CardThe new cards will Conform to the latest SD v1.1 system specification. They are rated at fast 133X transfer rates (up to read 20MB/s and 18MB/s write). Devices will have to use the SD 1.1 standard in order to operate with the 4GB version, which no Palm OS device yet supports."

Slashdot | EFF: 48 Hours to Stop the Broadcast Flag

Slashdot | EFF: 48 Hours to Stop the Broadcast Flag: "Think the Broadcast Flag is dead? EFF is warning that Hollywood is trying to sneak the broadcast flag into law as an amendment to a massive appropriations bill. 'If what we hear is true, the provision will be introduced before a subcommittee tomorrow and before the full appropriations committee on Thursday. That gives us 48 hours to stop it.' Action Alert here. List of Senator's phone numbers here.'"

Before there was an Osborne Effect, There was the North Star Effect

It's a fair cop, and we're guilty. There never was an "Osborne Effect," and the fate of Osborne Computer wasn't sealed by pre-announcing hardware that didn't exist.

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Intel Makes Multi-Mode, CMOS Radio for Wireless Chips

Intel is touting its development of a prototype, CMOS-standard wireless radio that supports all WiFi, or 802.11 standards, including a, b and g, as well as the next-generation wireless 802.11n.

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Slashdot | Kazaa and Skype Co-founder Interviewed

Slashdot | Kazaa and Skype Co-founder Interviewed: "'BBC is running is an interview with Niklas Zennström, the internet entrepreneur behind both Kazaa and Skype, about how his two inventions came about, and how broadband and wireless devices are shaping his vision for the future. From the interview: 'On the other hand, Skype, just like Kazaa and other software, are encouraging people to buy broadband connections"

Slashdot | Firefox Extension for Applied Social Networking

Slashdot | Firefox Extension for Applied Social Networking: "'Outfoxed is my masters thesis project about trust. (Nutshell overview) The extension uses a social network for personalized searching, phishing/spyware protection, file/process validation and more. It's related to, StumbleUpon, and those Kevin Bacon things, but goes a lot further. Mathematically, it's based on the network behavior of small world networks (pdf). Built with Javascript, Python, SQL, and XSLT. 366 testers so far, but we need the network to grow"

Slashdot | Command Line for the Web

Slashdot | Command Line for the Web: "SearchEngineWatch offers a look at a new method of interacting with the Internet, YubNub. This 'social command line for the web' lets users create commands that interact with websites. Currently, most of the commands apply to search, but new commands could work with any site that accepts variables passed with HTML's GET command. For example, iap moon would search the Internet Archive for all media related to 'moon'."

Programming Jobs Losing Luster in U.S.

The research firm Gartner Inc. (IT) predicts that up to 15 percent of tech workers will drop out of the profession by 2010, not including those who retire or die. Most will leave because they can't get jobs or can get more money or job satisfaction elsewhere

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Video Game Sounds 12 thru 14 released

Well, this is the last of the original video game recordings from 1982 thru 1988. These last three tapes cover 1986 to 1988. My friend was such an addict that in some cases we recorded his entire game from start to finish.

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Google's New Playment system - Gwallet??

Google, the leading search engine company in search of itself has again added a new service to its eclectic portfolio. Later this year, Google plans to offer an electronic payment service that will compete directly with PayPal, owned by eBay. Services will, reportedly, include processing payments using consumer credit cards and checking accounts, the mainstay of PayPal's service. (6/19/2005 8:54:08 AM)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

TechTV: On This Date

See a moblog of what happened On This Date in Techtv History.

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800 GB 7200 RPM External

Computer Giants: "300782
LaCie Hard Drive USB / Firewire 800 GB 7200 RPM External"

Someone Just same out with a 800 GB 7200 RPM External HD. Did I Missed Annoucement here or something?? - News - Moderate Quake Hits Off Northern California Coast - News - Moderate Quake Hits Off Northern California Coast: "EUREKA, Calif. -- A 5.0-magnitude earthquake hit about 120 miles off the Northern California coast early Sunday morning, near where a larger temblor prompted a brief tsunami warning last week.


6.6 Earthquake
Quake Hits Off Calif. Coast

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Sunday's quake struck at 1:27 a.m. and was centered about 130 miles west of Eureka.

A Humboldt County Sheriff's Department dispatcher said there are no immediate reports of damages or injuries.

A 7.0-magnitude quake struck about 80 miles off the coast Tuesday night prompting an hourlong tsunami warning from the California-Mexico border north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia."

They Quakes keeps on coming. On a Related Note. The Quakes Finaly got around winning a game for once.
Earthquakes trio trips Real Salt Lake
The San Jose Earthquakes got their three-game homestand started right with a 3-0 victory over Real Salt Lake ( Highlights: 56K | 384K) Saturday night. Mark Chung and Kelly

Next-gen Windows Command Line Shell Now in Beta

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters: "Microsoft's new command line shell, MSH or Monad, has entered the beta phase. Channel9 Wiki has information on how to download this (complete with Guest ID), and other related info.'"

Microsoft Blocking Firefox

It appears Microsoft is blocking Firefox from a number of it��������s webpages. I��������ve heard of this before, but now thanks to the new reporter tool, we have hard data to back it up.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

E-Mail Embarrasses 119 Failing Students

My Way News: "E-Mail Embarrasses 119 Failing Students
Email this Story

Jun 18, 7:08 AM (ET)

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - More than 100 students who failed their classes at the University of Kansas last semester found out who shared their misfortune. The school's Office of Student Financial Aid sent an e-mail to 119 students Monday notifying them that they were in jeopardy of having their aid revoked.

But the names of the students were included on the e-mail address list - meaning everyone who got the e-mail could see the names of all the other recipients.

'It was a completely inadvertent, unintentional mistake,' university spokesman Todd Cohen said Thursday. 'It was our error, our mistake and we deeply regret it.'"

Plastic Bugs has posted a program which allows iPod/OS X Tiger users to stream songs from their iPods hooked up to their computers to their mobile phones.

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How Many Websites Are There?

The NetCraft site reports that in the June 2005 survey they
received responses from 64,808,485 sites, an increase of 1.27
million from last month's survey. For more information, see the site.

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CNN No Longer Using Real Pass? -- Free at last, free at last!

I don't know if this happened just today, but it seems CNN is no longer using Real Pass for their on-line video segments. They've finally gone back to the free model. Doesn't seem to be any mention of this transition on the web page, but you can definitely watch the videos and they are featured in a slightly different way now.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Credit card breach exposes 40 million accounts | CNET

Credit card breach exposes 40 million accounts | CNET "In what could be the largest data security breach to date, MasterCard International on Friday said information on more than 40 million credit cards may have been stolen.

Of those exposed accounts, about 13.9 million are for MasterCard-branded cards, the company said in a statement. The other brands affected have not been identified. MasterCard has notified its member banks of the specific accounts involved so the banks can take action to protect cardholders, MasterCard said."

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Windows 2000 Still Going Strong

"Windows 2000 is still deployed on almost half of corporate PCs, according to AssetMetrix Research Labs."

And Windows 98, 98SE 95, 95a, 95b, 3.11 for workgroups, 3.11, 3.1, 3.0 and NT 4.0 and 3.51 and good old dos 6.22 are still going strong after all these years in the Corporate Environment in the year 2015!!

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Slashdot | Firefox Faces Trademark Issues

Firefox Faces Trademark Issues
Posted by CowboyNeal on Friday June 17, @12:51AM
from the all-in-a-name dept.
daria42 writes "The Debian development community is currently hotly debating whether the Mozilla Foundation's strict trademarks policy violates Debian's social contract. However, in a twist, it appears Mozilla has not received approval for the Firefox trademarks yet, and the Firefox name may already be taken in the UK and Germany. The foundation has not applied for the Thunderbird trademark anywhere yet."

Slashdot | Firefox Faces Trademark Issues

Moderate Quake Shakes Southern California

My Way: "
Moderate Quake Shakes Southern California
Moderate Quake Shakes Southern California
YUCAIPA, Calif. (AP) - A moderate earthquake shook most of Southern California Thursday, startling people and knocking items off shelves and desks, but there were no... At this time there are No tsunami warning issued at the moment"

Spyware Floods In Through BitTorrent

BitTorrent, the beloved file-sharing client and protocol that provides a way around bandwidth bottlenecks, has become the newest distribution vehicle for adware/spyware bundles. Oh great, what fun we have here. Could be The Evil RIAA and MPAA behind this push of %$*^%$*^%$*^%ware onto your system.

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Hopes for legal music podcasts rise | CNET

Hopes for legal music podcasts rise | CNET "What's new:
Digital DJs and record labels are discussing ways to simplify music podcasting and are in talks that could help accelerate the format's ascent.

Bottom line:
Because podcast audio files are designed for downloading to portable devices like the iPod, quirks in copyright law have put anyone who wants to use music in an awkward--and potentially law-breaking--position. But now podcasters and labels are seeking a compromise."

Dell 'happy' to ship Mac OS X-based PCs | The Register

Dell 'happy' to ship Mac OS X-based PCs | The Register: "Dell 'happy' to ship Mac OS X-based PCs
By Tony Smith
Published Thursday 16th June 2005 16:07 GMT

Michael Dell would like to license Mac OS X and ship it with future PC products, the Dell founder and chairman has revealed.

It's not likely to happen any time soon, of course - Apple CEO Steve Jobs has already said it's not something he wants to do for now - but according to name-dropping Fortune online columnist David Kirkpatrick, Dell would jump at the chance if offered."

TechNewsWorld: All Tech, All the Time

TechNewsWorld: All Tech, All the Time: "Yahoo Opens Window to 'Deep Web'
Thursday - June 16, 2005
Yahoo has lifted the veil on the 'deep Web' with the beta version of Yahoo Subscription Search. The 'deep Web' includes information on the Web that is not available for free. This information is not listed within general search results. Yahoo will now offer results for sites such as The Wall Street Journal, which offer subscription access and require a password. Results for the Journal will be limited to articles published within 30 days that are about publicly traded companies. [More...]"

AOL most infected network on the Internet

Analysis from IT security consulting firm Prolexic claims that AOL's network hosts more zombie-infected PCs than any other in the world. Infected machines can be used by remote hackers to instigate distributed denial of service (DoS) attacks.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

PSP Hacks - Hacks, Mods, Cracks, Utilities, Homebrew. » PSP Swaploit (PSP Launcher) Homebrew on 1.50! Hack Sony Play Station Portable

PSP Hacks - Hacks, Mods, Cracks, Utilities, Homebrew. » PSP Swaploit (PSP Launcher) Homebrew on 1.50! Hack Sony Play Station Portable: "PSP Swaploit (PSP Launcher) Homebrew on 1.50!

Update: Many people seem disappointed that it’s a swap hack. Personally I don’t have any problem with it as it works great. We at PSP Hacks give our thanks to the PSP-Dev team for discovering and providing this exploit. For those who are having difficulty getting it to work, follow these simple steps:"

DivX 6.0 is out

DivX 6.0 is out: "'DivX 6.0 is out. Even Tom's Hardware has an article on it. According to TFA, this should be a big step up in compression and features. DVD-style menus are now an option"

California wins tax spat with | CNET

California wins tax spat with | CNET "State governments' attempts to collect tax from retailers who also sell online received a boost thanks to a recent decision by a California appeals court.

The state court said that the once-cozy relationship between Borders, which operates physical storefronts, and Borders Online permits California to collect sales taxes on Internet shipments sent into that state.

'Borders' receipts were sometimes imprinted with 'Visit us online at,' and Borders' employees were encouraged to refer customers to Online to find merchandise not available at Borders stores,' the California court concluded on May 31."

Digg 2.0 Beta (coming soon)

Calling all beta testers! Digg 2.0 is nearing release, and we need your help. The scheduled open public beta is set for June 26th. We have a new design, tons of new features, and most importantly multiple servers to help share the load. Check back on the 26th for the beta site link!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - News - Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast - News - Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast: "Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast

POSTED: 8:07 pm PDT June 14, 2005
UPDATED: 9:07 pm PDT June 14, 2005

EUREKA -- A major earthquake struck Tuesday night about 80 miles off the coast of northern California, prompting a tsunami warning along the Pacific coast.

The 7.0-magnitude quake struck at about 7:50 p.m. southwest of the coastal community of Crescent City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Web site.

A tsunami warning was in effect from the California-Mexico border north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

All tsunami warning have been now call off.

Residents were being evacuated from low-lying areas of Crescent City, KCBS radio reported."

All tsunami warning evacuations have been now call off. - News - Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast - News - Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast: "Major Quake Strikes Off California Coast

POSTED: 8:07 pm PDT June 14, 2005
UPDATED: 9:07 pm PDT June 14, 2005

EUREKA -- A major earthquake struck Tuesday night about 80 miles off the coast of northern California, prompting a tsunami warning along the Pacific coast.

The 7.0-magnitude quake struck at about 7:50 p.m. southwest of the coastal community of Crescent City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Web site.

A tsunami warning was in effect from the California-Mexico border north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

All tsunami warning have been now call off.

Residents were being evacuated from low-lying areas of Crescent City, KCBS radio reported."

All tsunami warning evacuations have been now call off.

Leo Laporte's Semi-huge announcement

Leo Laporte's Semi-huge announcement: "Leo Laporte's Semi-huge announcement [+ 82 diggs]
This persons podcast has gotten an interview with Leo laporte in which he states that he will be starting an Internet TV show all about Mac computers around 30 minutes in length, once a week starting in August. Good Job shooby on the interview"

Who Will Google Buy Next?

Google's past conquests have been varied, but they have all been smallish Internet companies that are doing cool stuff. I'll go through them here, with a brief blurb about how they were acquired, and what has changed in the post-Google era.

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Netscape co-founder eyes video blogs

24 Hour Laundry (24HL) is a blogging and social networking site for consumers that will include video, according to sources familiar with the company's plans. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company--which boasts alumni from Netscape, Google and Excite.

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Yahoo! Buys Internet Phone Provider

My Way News: "SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) said Tuesday it had acquired DialPad Communications Inc., a 6-year-old company whose software lets people to place calls over the Internet for a fraction of the cost of regular telephone service."

HP's $499 Notebook

Attention bargain kooks! HP is currently selling a Compaq-branded notebook for $499 (after $280 in rebates) at Circuit City.

The machine comes with a 1.3GHz Celeron M, 256MB of memory, a 40-GB hard drive, built-in wireless and a 15-inch screen

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Slyck - File Sharing News and Info

Slyck - File Sharing News and Info: "Peer-to-Peer Internet Television - June 14 - A non-profit based in Austin, TX is merging the free software and Copyleft communities through a new internet TV station: ACTLab TV. They are streaming Creative Commons, Copyleft, public domain content, and original videos using Alluvium software and their own media player."

Slyck - File Sharing News and Info

Slyck - File Sharing News and Info: " ratDVD - A New Way to Compress your DVD Collection
June 14, 2005
So you have a DVD9 and wish to compress it to 1.5 gigabytes but keep all the extras? Perhaps ratDVD is the answer.

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters: "CNN Money is reporting that the internet might be at a stage of another dot-com boom, with the top tech stocks now gaining ground again after the dot-com crash. From the article: 'Now, 10 years after two key events in the history of the Internet -- the successful IPO of Netscape, which many cite as the beginning of Wall Street's love affair with 'Net stocks, and the founding of Yahoo! -- we're in the midst of a new, let's say mini dot-com boom."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bart & Milhouse LEGO Statues

Several projects from Eric Harshbarger's website have already been posted here, but with the Simpsons movie on the horizon, these 3-foot models make an interesting digg nonetheless.

How about an LEGO Statues of Jeff Albertson or Bumblebee Guy??

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Watching Live TV on Your Laptop Without Wires

magine being able to watch live television on your laptop without any wires. Now imagine no more � you'll learn the step-by-step procedure right here. With some inexpensive hardware, a desktop and laptop, and a wireless network, you'll be ready to go in no time.

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Siemens tackles Microsoft IPTV dominance

Recent speculation about problems with Microsoft's new Internet Protocol television software could give Siemens, the German telecommunications equipment giant, just the opportunity it's looking for to break into the emerging IPTV market.

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EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

"Whether you're a newly minted blogger or a relative old-timer, you've been seeing more and more stories pop up every day about bloggers getting in trouble for what they post."

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Google readying Web-only video search | CNET

Google readying Web-only video search | CNET "Google is expected to unveil a search engine for Web-only video this summer that will let people preview media clips from its Web site, CNET has learned.

Google's planned service will let visitors find free short-form videos such as the popular 'Star Wars' video spoofs, according to sources who asked to remain anonymous. The engine will complement the search giant's existing experimental site that lets people search the closed-caption text of television shows from PBS and CNN, among others, and preview accompanying still images. The new capabilities will let people watch roughly 10 seconds of Web video clips for free before shuttling visitors to the video's host site, sources say."

Classic Video Game Commercials

This is a huge bundle of classic video game commercials including Nintendo, Sega, Atari, PC and more! From the undying classic Burgertime commercial to the Nintendo Cereal one we all know and love. This is a trip back into video game history.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Steve Jobs Wished, He Graduated from Stanford.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, will be the 2005 Commencement speaker, Stanford President John Hennessy announced Wednesday.

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HTTP Request Smuggling

Multiple vendors are vulnerable to a new class of attack named 'HTTP Request Smuggling' that revolves around piggybacking a HTTP request inside of another HTTP request, which could let a remote malicious user conduct cache poisoning, cross-site scripting, session hijacking, as well as bypassing web application firewall protection and other attacks.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Free Movie Tix

Want free access to lots of video and audio, with no legal woes? Open Media Foundation, a start-up company, is now making available television and radio broadcasts, full-length movies, podcasts, and video blogs for free.

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Computers to Run 10ghz

The scientists from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, at UC Irvine, said that they have demonstrated transmitting information at 10 GHz using new, carbon nanotube technology. Carbon nanotube technology removes the speed limitations that currently exist in copper and aluminum wiring.

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AMD Details QUAD Core processor

This is crazy right...AMD is talking about a QUAD, not dual, Quad Core..

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Get ready for the 9-to-5 notebook | CNET

Get ready for the 9-to-5 notebook | CNET "The magic number for notebook designers in the near future just might be eight--as in the hours of a full workday.

A somewhat outlandish idea a few years ago, the eight-hour notebook is moving closer to reality as promising trends in battery materials and power consumption converge. If all goes well, within three to four years, portable PCs could see battery life double from today's four-hour stretch.

Chipmaker Intel, in fact, is so bullish on the matter that it recently moved up a deadline for notebook makers by two years. It's now asking them to produce by 2008 thin and light notebooks that can run for eight hours without the use of additional external batteries, said Mooly Eden, vice president of the company's mobility group."

Mame Working on the PSP

The PSP Wiki site has posted a release of Mame the arcade emulator for the Sony PSP, heres an english site with Screenshots of the Emulator in action."

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Technology News: Hardware: Seagate Readies 160 GB Notebook Drive

Technology News: Hardware: Seagate Readies 160 GB Notebook Drive: "HARDWARE
Seagate Readies 160 GB Notebook Drive
Seagate Readies 160 GB Notebook Drive

By Jennifer LeClaire
06/09/05 1:26 PM PT

Answering the question, 'Why would anybody need that much storage?', TrendFocus analyst John Donovan said, 'With the advent of the iPod for music files and digital photography combined with the fact that people are now storing those digital files on notebook PCs, there's no question that people will fill this up.'


Simpsons Film in Preproduction

"According to Yahoo news, a Simpsons feature film is now in preproduction. In TFA, Nancy Cartwright is quoted as saying 'We've just done the table read for The Simpsons movie, so although we've been promoting that we're going to do it, now we're actually doing it and are in production . . .' Also from TFA: ''They are working on hammering out a script, but there's no title or production date or release date,' studio spokeswoman Antonia Coffman told E! Online Wednesday. 'We always wanted the show to end first but it just keeps going. Now they've worked out a team to simultaneously do [both the film and show].'''"

FCC Speeds Up Digital TV Signal Deadlines

The Federal Communications Commission voted 4-0 to require televisions with screens from 25 inches to 36 inches be digital-ready by March 1. That is four months earlier than the commission decreed in 2002.

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BitComet Introduces DHT Layer

The new version of BitComet includes many new features, however perhaps the most important addition is the integration of DHT (Distributed Hash Table.)

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FCC votes to speed move to digital TVs | CNET

FCC votes to speed move to digital TVs | CNET

But I do not wait anytime longer for HDTV. All sizes of tv from the portables one from casios to the sumo size 100" LCDs I want to buy should all included digital receivers digital.

U.S. communications regulators on Thursday agreed to move up to March 1, 2006, the deadline requiring television makers to ensure all mid-size sets they sell in the United States can receive digital signals.

As part of an effort to speed the transition to digital television, the Consumer Electronics Association had asked the Federal Communications Commission to move up the July 1, 2006, deadline for all sets made with screens 25 inches to 35 inches to be able to receive the new, higher-quality signals.

However, the FCC rejected another request by the association to eliminate a July 1, 2005, deadline for the manufacturers to ensure half of those sets with the mid-size screens are capable of receiving digital.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

'Mario' techno beats bounce up the charts

A new electronic song inspired by Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros." has been climbing Japan's music chart, and it's finally ranked in the country's weekly top-five list.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Slyck Interviews The Pirate Bay

To the annoyance of many and the amusement of others, The Pirate Bay faked their own closure last week, in a shameless publicity stunt to promote a brand new face to the site.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Firefox growing in Europe too

Mirroring a trend in the United States, Firefox continues to grow across Europe, but more slowly than it had.

According to numbers released by French Web metrics firm XiTi, Firefox accounted for 14.08 percent of browsers used to access a large sample of Web sites that use its measurement software.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Breaking News..........Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips
Published: June 3, 2005, 5:08 PM PDT
Last modified: June 3, 2005, 5:11 PM PDT
By Stephen Shankland
Staff Writer, CNET
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update Apple Computer plans to announce Monday that it's scrapping its partnership with IBM and switching its computers to Intel's microprocessors, CNET has learned.

Apple has used IBM's PowerPC processors since 1994, but will begin a phased transition to Intel's chips, sources familiar with the situation said. Apple plans to move lower-end computers such as the Mac Mini to Intel chips in mid-2006 and higher-end models such as the Power Mac in mid-2007, sources said.

The announcement is expected Monday at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, at which Chief Executive Steve Jobs is giving the keynote speech. The conference would be an appropriate venue: Changing the chips would require programmers to rewrite their software to take full advantage of the new processor.

IBM, Intel and Apple declined to comment for this story.
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the stage for a Hollywood ending.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Apple was considering switching to Intel, but many analysts were skeptical citing the difficulty and risk to Apple.

That skepticism remains. "If they actually do that, I will be surprised, amazed and concerned," said Insight 64 analyst Nathan Brookwood. "I don't know that Apple's market share can survive another architecture shift. Every time they do this, they lose more customers" and more software partners, he said.

Apple successfully navigated a switch in the 1990s from Motorola's 680x0 line of processors to the Power line jointly made by Motorola and IBM. That switch also required software to be revamped to take advantage of the new processors' performance, but emulation software permitted older programs to run on the new machines. (Motorola spinoff Freescale currently makes PowerPC processors for Apple notebooks and the Mac Mini.)

The relationship between Apple and IBM has been rocky at times. Apple openly criticized IBM for chip delivery problems, though Big Blue said it fixed the issue. More recent concerns, which helped spur the Intel deal, included tension between Apple's desire for a wide variety of PowerPC processors and IBM's concerns about the profitability of a low-volume business, according to one source familiar with the partnership.

Over the years, Apple has discussed potential deals with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, chipmaker representatives have said.

One advantage Apple has this time: The open-source FreeBSD operating system, of which Mac OS X is a variant, already runs on x86 chips such as Intel's Pentium. And Jobs has said Mac OS X could easily run on x86 chips.

The move also raises questions about Apple's future computer strategy. One basic choice it has in the Intel-based PC realm is whether to permit its Mac OS X operating system to run on any company's computer or only its own.

IBM loses cachet with the end of the Apple partnership, but it can take consolation in that it's designing and manufacturing the Power family processors for future gaming consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, said Clay Ryder, a Sageza Group analyst.

"I would think in the sheer volume, all the stuff they're doing with the game consoles would be bigger. But anytime you lose a high-profile customer, that hurts in ways that are not quantifiable but that still hurt," Ryder said.
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Indeed, IBM has a "Power Everywhere" marketing campaign to tout the wide use of its Power processors. The chips show up in everything from networking equipment to IBM servers to the most powerful supercomputer, Blue Gene/L.

Intel dominates the PC processor business, with an 81.7 percent market share in the first quarter of 2005, compared with 16.9 percent for Advanced Micro Devices, according to Dean McCarron of Mercury Research. Those numbers do not include PowerPC processors. However, Apple has roughly 1.8 percent of the worldwide PC market, he added.

Apple shipped 1.07 million PCs in the first quarter, and its move to Intel would likely bump up the chipmaker's shipments by a corresponding amount, McCarron added.

CNET's Michael Kanellos and Richard Shim contributed to this report.

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Well No tWiTs Cast for me this week,

well its too late for me, I going out this weekend. I'll be back this sunday afternoon. until then leo should have tWiTs #7 and #8 will be posted that sunday night if all goes well for Leo tWiTs. - Tech News and Views From My World.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hungry eBay buys

SAN FRANCISCO — Internet auctioneer eBay (EBAY), in its latest move to boost slackening growth in the USA, said Wednesday it has agreed to buy (SHOP), an online shopping-comparison site.

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First Trojan to attack Microsoft anti-spyware product discovered, reports S

The Troj/BankAsh-A Trojan horse is designed to steal passwords and online banking passwords from unsuspecting Windows users. The Trojan horse also disables Microsoft AntiSpyware.

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SBC slashes DSL price tag | CNET

SBC slashes DSL price tag | CNET "SBC Communications is dropping the price of high-speed Internet service by 25 percent, upping the ante in its rivalry with cable competitors.

SBC, the second-largest U.S. telecom company, said Wednesday it will offer broadband service for $14.95 per month to new customers who sign up online, $5 per month less than its previous lowest price. The deal, which requires a one-year contract, makes SBC competitive with many dial-up Internet services and is among the lowest prices for broadband in the United States.

Executives at SBC say they have a two- to three-year window to add as many digital subscriber lines as possible, before cable companies complete their launch of telephone services and pursue SBC customers with voice, video and data packages.

'It's about market share,' SBC Chief Executive Edward Whitacre said. 'The sooner we get there and the bigger piece of market we get, the better off we are. It's essentially us and the cable companies vying for that.'"

KRON 4 Home

KRON 4 Home: "Controversial 49ers Training Video Leaked
A controversial in-house training film for the San Francisco 49ers has been made public after the 15-minute video was sent anonymously to the San Francisco Chronicle. >>"

Now I would respect this by of behavior from the Oakland Raiders or Dellas Cowboys But not from SF 49ers.

New DSL Standard Promises 10 Times the Speed

The Geneva, Switzerland-based International Telecommunications Union (ITU) approved the standard for Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2 VDSL2 AOL is so Toast!!!!

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Coming Soon, Roadcasting

from 'Stuck in traffic and sick of Howard Stern, you may soon be able to tune in to the music collection of the person in the car in front of you. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing an ad hoc networking system for cars that would allow any driver to broadcast music to any other vehicle within a 30-mile radius.

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