Friday, September 22, 2006

Zero-Day Response Team Launches with Emergency IE Patch

Zero-Day Response Team Launches with Emergency IE Patch: "
Security Header

Zero-Day Response Team Launches with Emergency IE Patch

A high-profile group of computer security professionals scattered around the globe has created a third-party patch for the critical VML vulnerability as part of a broader effort to provide an emergency response system for zero-day malware attacks.

The group, known as ZERT (Zero Day Emergency Response Team), was formed in the aftermath of the WMF (Windows Metafile) attacks of December 2005 and is now emerging from stealth mode with an unofficial patch that offers temporary respite from a spate of drive-by malware downloads aimed at users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser."

Activists unveil stealth browser | CNET

Activists unveil stealth browser | CNET
Hacktivismo, a group of human-rights advocates and computer security experts, has released a Firefox-based browser designed to allow anonymous Web surfing.

The Web browser, called "Torpark," is a modified version of Portable Firefox. Released last week, it can be run directly from a USB drive, meaning it can be used on public terminals in cybercafes. It creates an encrypted connection to the TOR (The Onion Router) network, which supplies a succession of different IP addresses.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

PC World - The 25 Worst Web Sites

PC World - The 25 Worst Web Sites
The 25 Worst Web Sites
From unforgettable flame-outs to some of the most popular destinations around, no one is safe from our look at the world's dumbest dot-coms and silliest sites.

Friday, September 15, 2006

broadband » News » 750,000 Customers Still Lease Phones - 82 year old woman pays $14k over 42 years

broadband » News » 750,000 Customers Still Lease Phones - 82 year old woman pays $14k over 42 yearsUser Jerm writes in: "In case you didn't get the memo, since 1985 you have been able to opt out of renting your telephone. However 750,000 phone leases are still in effect today. One such renter, Ester Strogen, 82 years old, has paid an estimated $14,000 over the past 42 years to rent two black rotary phones. According to one AT&T/Lucent representative, the benefits of leasing phone equipment include free replacements and the option to switch to newer models. I think I'm sold! Can I please rent two 1960s black rotary phones for $29.10/month also?"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Google Ogles Plug-In Hybrids

The first plug-in hybrid vehicle may have a "powered by Google" sticker on it. The search engine company is starting a for-profit philanthropy company (say wha?) to take on important social problems, and high on their agenda is developing a plug-in hybrid, according to the New York Times.

It's Official: Nintendo Wii to Be Priced at $249.99

It's Official: Nintendo Wii to Be Priced at $249.99
Sure, the Wii pricepoint and date leaked yesterday (expect it to ship Nov. 19 and retail for $250), but we're still on hand at Nintendo's press event in New York City locking down some of the details that the embargo-breaking New York Times' story didn't clear up

Site for Fido gets funding | CNET

Site for Fido gets funding | CNET
Dogster, a San Francisco-based company that launched online dog- and cat-oriented communities in 2004, has secured its first round of funding.

The company, which said it has been profitable since mid-2005, announced on Wednesday $1 million in funding, which was led by Michael Parekh, the founder of Goldman Sachs' Internet research effort.

The company makes its money from pet-related ads served to site visitors, and is just one of a growing number of popular pet-related sites such as Cute Overload, Cats in Sinks and many others. But Dogster may well be the first of these outfits to attract venture funding.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Are there still people Using this P2P EK2 Network. Apparently The Nazi Evil RIAA Think so!!!

eDonkey Gets Shut Down //
According to court documents filed today MetaMachine, the company behind eDonkey, has agreed to pay a $30 million dollar settlement to the RIAA and cease distribution of its eDonkey, eDonkey 2000, Overnet and other software versions.

As Leo Laporte has Stated. Dunn is Done with HP

Slashdot | HP's Dunn Stepping Down
"Yahoo news is reporting that Patricia Dunn is stepping down from the chair of HP." From the article: "Hurd will retain his existing positions as chief executive and president and Dunn will remain as a director after she relinquishes the chair on Jan. 18. 'I am taking action to ensure that inappropriate investigative techniques will not be employed again. They have no place in HP,' Hurd said in a statement. Dunn apologized for the techniques used in the company's probe, which included 'pretexting' in which private investigators impersonated board members and journalists to acquire their phone records."

I Will Wait for upgrade my DVR From Comcast to TiVo software Instead of shelling out $800 bucks for Series 3

Slashdot | TiVo Announces High-Def Series3 DVR
Catching up with the competition, TiVo is set to unveil high-definition digital video recorder. The unit will feature dual tuners, 250 GB, and a hefty price sticker: 'The long-awaited product will be $800 and available in mid-September, the company said. Subscription fees for the TiVo service are separate ... TiVo officials attributed its long development time in part to waiting for certain technologies to mature and the lengthy process of getting industry-related approvals, such as for the set-top-box's two built-in CableCARD slots. CableCARD slots allow users to access digital programming from a cable TV provider without the need for a separate receiver. The Series3 HD box also represents TiVo's first major product upgrade since it released its networked Series2 DVR in 2002.'"

Intel's Core 2 Quadro Kentsfield: Four Cores on a Rampage | Tom's Hardware

Intel's Core 2 Quadro Kentsfield: Four Cores on a Rampage | Tom's Hardware
There is a fascinating element to this combination of multiple processing cores, a fast architecture and even more performance: The new Core 2 Quadro processors are out to beat the pants off everyone else in the x86 field and to extend Intel's lead over the competition.

digg - Blue Screen of Death on a Mac!

digg - Blue Screen of Death on a Mac!
Amit Singh (famous uncoverer of secret Apple APIs) discusses a secret OS X API that allows you to re-skin that pesky kernel panic screen, to make it look exactly like the classic windows BSoD!

What a fitting tribute to the now extinct windows bsod. I hope apple users have fun with it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Ziff who put the Z in ZDTV William B. Ziff, Jr. Dies Saturday

Dvorak Uncensored » Magazine Pioneer William B. Ziff, Jr. Dies Saturday
William B. Ziff Jr., the guy who invented modern special interest publishing died — apparently on Saturday morning “in his sleep peacefully” according to the family. There is zero news coverage of this so far. Only a few blogs seem to be aware of it. The family is quite secretive but there will be a death announcement in tomorrow’s New York Times.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wikipedia's list of open-source games | | CNET

Wikipedia's list of open-source games | | CNET
Wikipedia is so rich with esoterica that we could probably just post one of the online encyclopedia's entries each day in this space and never run short of supply. But we resist that temptation, for then we'd never find all the good unindexed stuff floating around the Web.

digg - Worlds largest "NO TRESPASSING" sign

digg - Worlds largest "NO TRESPASSING" sign

The Department of Energy convened a conclave of scientists, linguists, anthropologists and sci-fi thinkers to develop an elaborate system intended to shout "Danger!" to any human being for the next 10,000 years -- regardless of what language they speak or technology they use.

Stick A Picture of the G4tv Logo on any Dangerous Nuclear Waste Dump Will be enough Warning to Scare away any human being or Alien Race from that Hazard!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Slyck News - TV Downloading Doubles

Slyck News - TV Downloading Doubles
The availability of TV shows online has grown with the arrival of mainstream P2P, YouTube, BitTorrent, Google Video, and similar avenues. Although the entertainment industry has impeded the number of TV shows and clips on YouTube, such influence is noticeably less on file-sharing networks. Denoting the explosive growth of video files, the Saturday Night Live clip, "The Chronic of Narnia", gained tremendous popularity online. The fun was over on YouTube however, when NBC forced the video site to remove all traces of the clip.

'Simpsons' sneak peek goes online Friday | CNET

'Simpsons' sneak peek goes online Friday | CNET
Viewers who take pleasure in the antics of Bart and Homer Simpson will be treated to an exclusive online look at the season-premiere episode of "The Simpsons" beginning Friday, two days before its network debut on Fox Broadcasting.

Additionally, the 18th season premiere will be heralded via such promotions as "Homer's Week 1 NFL picks" on on MSN; becoming "Ask Homer" for a day; and the home page of displaying a "'Simpsons'-style graphic takeover."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google News Archive indexes 200 years of content for its conquest to rule the world

Google News Archive indexes 200 years of content

Google has just launched another project in its bid to organize the world's information. The Google News Archive Search allows users to find news accounts up to 200 years old from selected sources, and while that sounds incredible, the service isn't yet a compelling tool.

You can think of the new search in one of two ways: a more specialized version of a regular Google search, or a much broader version of a Google News search. Queries to the News Archive search magazines, newspapers, and some Web-only publications for content, and can return results in a standard format or a new "timeline" view that makes it easy to follow the progression of a story over time. Searches can be limited by date if you want only early 20th-century coverage of the Titanic sinking, for instance. Just as we've come to expect from Google, searches are fast, the interface is clean—and Google has no current plans to make any money from the project.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Apple Unveils 24" iMac

Apple today announced a new model in the lineup of iMacs, a new 24" HD model. It comes with a 1920x1200 LCD, 2.16GHz or 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1-3 GB Memory, 250 or 500GB SATA Drive, NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT or 7600GT with 128MB GDDR3 Video card. Also posted is a new lower end iMac, which looks very similar to the education iMac. Also available is a small speed boost to the Mini line, which now sports a Core Duo 1.83GHz Processor. "

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Battle brews over Flickr deletions | | CNET

Battle brews over Flickr deletions | | CNET "It's official: Flickr is part of the corporate world.

Once the quintessential grassroots Web phenomenon, Flickr has fallen increasingly at odds with some members since being bought by Yahoo last year. The latest example of this tension is Badflickr, a blog created specifically to protest the photo site's policing practices."

C|net webshot's feature tons of questionable photos of teenagers gone wild getting drunk half naked photos posting thru out their site.

Or you could go the route like I did. and Just host my own photos albums on my website. As long you pay your webhost, each year. You don't have worry about ads Cluttering up page layout in getting in the way of your photos. And there are NO Flickr Police cops telling you what you can and can't post to your account or terminated it without warning in a written email.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Almost Everyone Love Google But this new Audio eavesdropping software Just goes too Far.

Google developing eavesdropping software //
The first thing that came out of our mouths when we heard that Google is working on a system that listens to what's on your TV playing in the background, and then serves you relevant adverts, was "that's cool, but dangerous".

The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down. The PC then identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject.

digg - FreeDos Reaches 1.0!

digg - FreeDos Reaches 1.0!
Yes, the FreeDOS Project has reached the "1.0" milestone. This is a very important day for FreeDOS. A lot of you have put in so much work over the years, helping to make everything perfect. Even if you didn't contribute code, you helped out the FreeDOS Project by submitting comments and bug reports.

Next up: Free3.1, Free95, NT 3.51, Free98, Free 2000, FreeXP, and FreeVista.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Slashdot | The Internet Not for Old People

Slashdot | The Internet Not for Old People
Alien54 writes to tell us the Daily Mail is reporting that if you want an internet connection and you are over 70 you may be in for a surprise. From the article: "After walking the Great Wall of China and making plans for a trip to Russia, Shirley Greening-Jackson thought signing up for a new internet service would be a doddle. But the young man behind the counter had other ideas. He said she was barred - because she was too old."