Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Seagate to Release First 15k RPM 2.5-inch HDDs

This afternoon, Seagate Technology made an unexpected announcement coming so soon after the Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas – a tag-along with CES. The company’s second wave of Savvio hard drives in the 2.5" form factor will be revved up from 10,000 to 15,000 revolutions per minute.

But as an indication that such revolutionary speed, literally speaking, may not yet be cool enough for notebooks where the company’s Momentus product line revs up to 7200 rpm, the 15K series is being billed for use in RAID storage batteries for the enterprise. There, Seagate says the new Savvios will run cooler than a typical datacenter installation, drawing 40% less power per drive while consuming about a third of the rack space.


Netflix Starts Offering Flicks On The Net

Beginning this week, some subscribers to DVD-by-mail service Netflix will be able to watch movies and TV shows on the Web. Netflix Inc. will start showing movies and TV episodes over the Internet this week, providing its subscribers with more instant gratification as the DVD-by-mail service prepares for a looming technology shift threatening its survival.

The Los Gatos-based company plans to unveil the new "Watch Now" feature Tuesday, but only a small number of its more than 6 million subscribers will get immediate access to the service, which is being offered at no additional charge.

Netflix expects to introduce the instant viewing system to about 250,000 more subscribers each week through June to ensure its computers can cope with the increased demand.

Friday, January 05, 2007

S.F. Finalizes Wi-Fi Deal With EarthLink, Google

EarthLink Inc. and Google Inc. have finalized a four-year deal to provide free wireless Internet service throughout San Francisco after seven months of sometimes-tense negotiations that stalled the city's effort to ensure all its residents, visitors and businesses have easy access to the Web.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom signed off on the contract Friday, but the details still require the approval of the city's Board of Supervisors and Public Utilities Commission.

Google launched a free Wi-Fi service in August in its home town of Mountain View, making the 11.5-square-mile city of 72,000 people the largest U.S. community with free Wi-Fi throughout its borders.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Warner Bros. new "Total HD" disc tries to settle Blu-ray/HD DVD war

Warner Bros plans to announce a new single videodisc, called a Total HD disc, that can play films and television programs in both Blu-ray and HD DVD. They hope to make the new generation of DVD entertainment easier on the consumer by making movies and television libraries available in BOTH formats on a SINGLE disc.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Get Ready for DRM-FREE 2007: Amazon, LimeWire, MySpace, eMusic, Yahoo Music

More rumors are surfacing around Amazon offering DRM-free MP3s to compete with Apple's iTunes. Only this time the rumors include other MP3 download services and are coming from the mainstream press (does that make it more or less credible?). Looks like certain key executives have converted to the idea that digital downloads should be sold as unprotected MP3s.


Hitachi to unveil ultra high-end storage array

Code-named “Broadway,” the forthcoming storage array can be deployed with one Integrated Control/Array Frame and one to four Array Frames, which hold a maximum of 1,152 drives for a maximum internal capacity of 576TB and the ability to address as much as 256 petabytes of external storage. Now Everyone geek will have No accuse because now they will have access to an Virtual Bottomless Pit of Storage. So they can go out to purchase and download more crap 'until the cows come home' of digital media contains, for their Shinny brand new Raid 6 256 petabytes MAS!!