Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AT&T hack exposes 19,000 identities | CNET

AT&T hack exposes 19,000 identities | CNET

AT&T on Tuesday said hackers broke into one of its computer systems and accessed personal data on thousands of customers who used its online store.

The information that was illegally accessed includes credit card numbers, AT&T said in a statement. The cyberattack affects about 19,000 customers who purchased equipment for high-speed DSL Internet connections through AT&T's Web site, the company said.

California passes Wi-Fi user protection bill | CNET

California passes Wi-Fi user protection bill | CNET

California's state assembly has passed a bill to require makers of Internet access gear to warn consumers of the risks of using unsecured wireless connections, its backers said on Tuesday.

Most Wi-Fi users ignore security options when setting up wireless gear and thus expose their computer networks to public view. Leaving connections open allows nearby residents or occasional passersby to share this wireless access.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Honest, Micro$haft Vista Will meet it Target date for Late January 2007.

Piecing together Windows Vista | CNET

Vista availability: Make that 'late January'

blog People pining for Microsoft's Windows Vista should circle the date January 30, 2007 on their calendars.
August 29, 2006

Microsoft Canada leaks Vista pricing

The software maker's Canadian Web site briefly posts prices for Windows Vista's many editions.

Buzz Out Loud: 300 Ep Podcast Special

Buzz Out Loud: CNET's podcast of indeterminate length -
Ten consecutive primes
Three hundred shows! Wow. Just yesterday it seems like we were talking about the launch of the PSP, the release of Opera 8, and the beginning of some new Google library project. Those were the days... Anyhow, back in present, remember to be careful about what you drop in airplane toilets (and we're not talking snakes!).

Monday, August 28, 2006

The top 100 on Wikipedia | | CNET

The top 100 on Wikipedia | | CNET
If you've ever wondered what drives the enormous popularity of Wikipedia, you might be interested in this WikiCharts page that supposedly shows the 100 articles viewed most often in the online encyclopedia. The most-read topics as of this posting include such entries as "Pluto" and "the United States," but half of the top 10 are sex-related--an indication that interest in Wikipedia may not be all that different from the rest of the Web.

AOLHell Introduce A New Word to the Tech Lingo "BadWare"

Slashdot | AOL 9.0 Called Badware: "'The bad news at AOL keeps coming. First they get in trouble for releasing search data on more than half a million customers, then it gives away security software with a nasty EULA, now its free client software is accused of acting like badware according to, the Google-funded rating group."

Friday, August 25, 2006

digg - RIAA Backs Down 1 Day After Being Counter-sued

digg - RIAA Backs Down 1 Day After Being Counter-sued
In Warner v. Stubbs, in Oklahoma, the defendant filed her answer and counterclaim against the RIAA on August 23, 2006. In it she likened the RIAA's tactics to "extortion". The very next day, on August 24, 2006, the RIAA turned around and asked the Judge for permission to withdraw its case

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Microsoft moves closer to new browser release

"Microsoft moves closer to new browser release

Company hits 'release candidate' stage for Internet Explorer 7, first major update offered in recent years.

TiVo teams up with Cox

DVR maker signs up another cable operator to distribute its digital video recording products.

Barney the dinosaur sued after legal threats

After trademark lawyers threaten sites critical of portly purple Tyrannosaur, EFF responds with lawsuit of its own.

YouTube could be a steal at $1 billion

High Impact news analysis Sony's acquisition of video-sharing company Grouper could mean big bucks to others in online video."

Technology News Article |

Technology News Article |
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Mainland China has opened its first halfway house for Internet addicts, offering shell-shocked teenagers counselling, books -- and the use of computers.

The shelter can hold four minors for one-night stays and help bridge gaps between children and parents, the Shanghai Daily said.

"None of the teenagers are forced to come here," the newspaper quoted Wang Hui, the house's chief social worker, as saying.

"We wander around in nearby Internet bars at night and bring them to the halfway house if the teen agrees."

Any plans for opening an Podcasting Addicts halfway house In Northern California?? With Boasting 13 Podcasts and counting. Sometimes I thinks to myself, Leo needs helps with his Podcasting Addictions.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Seinfeld To Go HD On March 27

On March 27, Sony will offer the episodes in high-def. What's more, in what appears to be a first for syndication, Seinfeld will now produce all of its episodics the short promos offered to stations to run�in HD. Sony is in the process of remastering all 180 episodes.

The Real Firefox = great pairing of a geek joke + a super cute puppy

Andrea Harner: The Real Firefox = great pairing of a geek joke + a super cute puppy
The Real Firefox = great pairing of a geek joke + a super cute puppy

Friday, August 18, 2006

digg - Blog: Firefox 2.0 Now To Ship In Late October

digg - Blog: Firefox 2.0 Now To Ship In Late October
Mozilla Corp. on Monday pushed back the release date of Firefox 2.0 yet again, with a scheduled ship for mid-to-late October. According to the minutes of Mozilla's weekly progress meetings, there are approximately 40 bugs in the under-construction Firefox 2.0 Beta 2, and about 100 that need to be addressed before the final goes out the door

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

IE Why even Bother with this Browser From the Last Century

digg - IE Project Manager says IE7, IE8 IE9, IE,10 Can't Match Firefox & Opera
Last week, Internet Explorer Group Program Manager Chris Wilson wrote a blog post where he discussed Internet Explorer (IE) and its CSS compliance. In a nutshell, the report said that IE 6 and IE 7 can't match the level of standards support found in Opera and Firefox.

Well that's what you get for designing an IE only site. Web 2.0 must be killing them.

Monday, August 14, 2006 > News > Business -- Tower going way of vinyl records > News > Business -- Tower going way of vinyl records
The music could be about to die at Tower Records.

Four major music conglomerates have cut off compact disc shipments and frozen credit lines to the 89-store chain, possibly heralding the end of the brick-and-mortar music superstore.

Tower, which emerged from bankruptcy in 2004, has been hit hard by mass-market discounters like Wal-Mart, Internet music sales and a shift by some consumers to digital downloading. The 46-year-old company, which also licenses 144 stores overseas, has been unable to attract a buyer for its format.

EMI Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group stopped sending CDs to Tower stores within the past two weeks after Tower missed debt payments to the companies, according to label sources.

Nintendo DS emulator released

No$Gba v2.3 has been released, adding support for Nintendo DS emulation. Now you can play commercial DS games on a PC.
More screenshots:
-The ROMs need to be encrypted. Most of the ones you "find" online aren't.
Use this program to encrypt them:
-You need the DS BIOS files "BIOSNDS7" and "BIOSNDS9"

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Its Too Geeky: View searches of this AOL users and read what our visitors think of them!!

Here is search history data of 650 000 AOL users. It's very interesting to view search history of particular person and analyze his personality. Let's do it together! Psychic analysis of AOL users
and their search history!!!!

More info:

AMD stealth launches chips, claim

AMD stealth launches chips, claim
WEE XBIT labs reckons that AMD has started "conquering low end" territories. There's a fash aboot it, here.

Jings! And there's more. According to this Taiwanese site, AMD has gorn and quietly released a X2 5200+ - L2 cache being 1MBX2.

The News of the Screws - Bit-tech - has gone all Gelsinger and has a palooza of power supply units, here. Wil Harris has recently visited with (sic) Intel in Dullsville, so no doubt he's brainwashed with the palooza term again. Only Gelsinger knows the meaning of palooza. And he's nae saying

Monday, August 07, 2006

Too Bad Airlines Propose an to Banned All '[mobile' Policy.

digg - Airlines to replace 'no smoking' with 'no mobile': "No mobile' signs are to replace the outdated 'no smoking' signs above airline seats with the introduction of in-flight mobile phone services in Europe next year. Air France will be the first airline to trial the satellite-based technology early next year, followed by the U.K.'s BMI and Portugal's TAP.'"

Save this Location Google Maps

Google Maps Mania: New Google Maps feature: Saved Locations
A new feature has turned up today on Google Maps for registered Google users. When logged into to your Google account you'll notice a new link up along the top of the main Google Maps page labeled: "Saved Locations". This feature will collect and record your searches, then list them for you to return to later. Saved searches are listed in order by clicking the Saved Locations link. You can label or delete each previous search or add a new location. You can also turn the feature off by un-checking "Enable auto-saving of locations". This feature is quite handy if you're searching many locations and don't wish to keep retyping the request or continually select from your Bookmarks or Favorites folder.. A nice addition.

But I want a 40" 1080p LCD HDTV for $700 Now!

Picture tubes fading into the past | CNET

The bulky, squarish, heavy picture tube, the standard television technology for more than 60 years, is heading for the dustbin of history much faster than anyone expected.

This year, the number of TV models in the United States that use glass cathode-ray tubes to produce an image has been reduced sharply. By next year, even fewer CRT televisions will be made, and fewer retailers will sell them.

Does Sound Like Its writen like Press Release

Aiming to unclog legitimate P2P | CNET

High-definition movie files and large software downloads could find their way more quickly to end users, if a new platform takes off.

Velocix is described by vendor CacheLogic as a multiprotocol P2P-based media delivery platform that could revolutionize legitimate peer-to-peer traffic. Velocix is a system of local caching, whereby popular high-volume files are stored at various locations relatively close to where they are needed.

When If or When this serivice see Action in the Real World, I will believe it when I Dowloading Suse 10.2 and see the increase download speed on utorrent.

Apple meets developers at WWDC | CNET

Apple meets developers at WWDC | CNET
It's always a big to-do when Steve Jobs takes the stage. This time around, in San Francisco for his Worldwide Developer's Conference, he's talking the Leopard version of Mac OS.
Steve Jobs, live from Apple's WWDC.

Well this morning, Leo Laporte must be whipping out is Discover Credit Card for buying the all new Dual Core Mac Pro.

AOHell Now Makes Its Own Gravy

AOL apologizes for release of user search data | CNET

AOL apologized on Monday for releasing search-log data on subscribers that had been intended for use with AOL's newly launched research site.

The randomly selected data, which focused on 658,000 subscribers and posted 10 days ago, was among the tools intended for use on the recently launched AOL Research site, according to reports on various blog sites. But the Internet giant has since removed the search logs from public view.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Google puts the Breaks on those Drive By Malware site.

Google puts up 'Beware of malware' signs | CNET

Google has started warning people when search results could potentially lead them to malicious code.

The search giant is using data from the Stop Badware Coalition to flag sites that are potentially host to malicious software. Google, along with Sun Microsystems and Chinese PC maker Lenovo, announced support for the group in January.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kitten Revenge on Wi-Fi Freeloaders Fun and other Sites!

broadband » News » Revenge on Wi-Fi Freeloaders - Nudge them towards the annoying website of your choice: "Boing Boing points to one man's solution for locals who were leeching bandwidth from his wireless router. Instead of getting angry, he divides his network into trusted and untrusted halves. He then sends all untrusted network traffic to Kitten 'Or even better, set up a squid proxy that takes all images coming in to the untrusted segment and turns them upside down before serving them up. Or just make all the images blurry.' More entertaining than encryption."

After WinXP Sp3 runs its Course .Its Linux for me

The TWiT Podcast Network with Leo Laporte: "Micro$Hoft promises that Windows Vista, which is expected to ship in early 2007, will be the most secure version of Windows ever. They promised the same thing for XP, and it took five years to lock it down. Unfortunately, Micro$haft has decided to re-write the network stack from scratch for Vista, perhaps an understandable decision given the number of new technologies they'd like to support, but according to a recent study from Symantec, the new Vista stack re-introduces many of the flaws fixed in the old XP stack. Can an untried stack be trusted? Will Windows Vista be stronger or weaker? The study raises some questions which Steve addresses in this episode.

As of this point I am getting really sick and tired of Shelling out $99 bucks and playing Micro$haft Roulette wheel of insecurity Windows Genuine Disadvantage DRM of Fun-o-roma. That why, I am seriously Switching to a KDE base Linux Distros like Kubuntu, MEPIS, PCLinuxOS for all of my systems at home.

The Symantec study is available via PDF here.

The Evil MPAA Will need to Butt-Out of this one two.

Slashdot | Circuit City Ripping DVDs for Users
"Circuit City is offering a DVD transfer service that's sure to enrage the MPAA. For $10 for 1 DVD or $30 for 5, Circuit City will violate the DMCA and rip commercial DVDs for users to put on their mobile players. From the article: 'This should be a viable market. Software and services are losing out to draconian digital rights management philosophies and anti-consumer technologies aimed at increasing revenues stemming from double-dipping--what I call the industry's penchant for charging twice for the same thing.' They note that fair use backups of DVDs have not been tested in court because all of the attention is focused on the circumvention software itself.

These Days, Does it take More then 5000 employees to Run AOHELL??

AOL to cut 5,000 jobs | CNET
At a company meeting this morning, Jon Miller (AOL CEO) told AOL's worldwide work force of 19,000 people that within six months, it was likely that around 5,000 employees would no longer be with the company," AOL said in a statement.

Time Warner on Wednesday announced that the long-struggling AOL plans to make e-mail, instant messaging and other services available at no cost to users with broadband Internet access. The offering marks yet another transition for the venerable Internet service as it tries to move on from an era of dial-up access and subscription-based revenue.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Slashdot | The Next Three Days are the x86 Days

Slashdot | The Next Three Days are the x86 Days
"Today, tomorrow and the next day are the only days we'll get dates like this: 2/8/6 3/8/6 4/8/6 like the x86 computers :-)" And yes folks, in the August news cycle vortex, even this strikes my fancy. In recent years we've seen numerical giants like 3/1/4, 6/6/6 and 1/2/3, but now really, what do any of us have to look forward to? Is our future dull and meaningless without cool numbers in dates? Oh the humanity of it all . No words as of yet when it will be official dates on the Calendar Intel Duel Core Duo Or AMD 64X2 am2 4600.