Thursday, August 28, 2008

Got A Pirated Copy of XP? Expect to be Nagged

Microsoft is introducing a new "feature" to Windows XP Professional. If you try to update with a bootleg copy, you'll see a few changes... Such as, the desktop background will be reset every 60 minutes & changed to a plain black background. Not to mention the addition of what Microsoft calls the "persistent desktop notification."

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It's official: Comcast starts 250GB bandwidth caps October 1

Comcast has finally announced that it will introduce 250GB per month bandwidth caps for all residential customers this fall. It insists that this is the same policy it always had, but with clearer limits.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Web Apps Faster With Firefox 3.1

Firefox 3.1 will run many Web-based applications such as Gmail faster through incorporation of a feature called TraceMonkey that dramatically speeds up programs written in JavaScript, Mozilla said Friday. JavaScript has been very broadly used to add pizzazz or flexibility to Web pages over the years, but in recent years, it's also become the

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Get “I Am Rich!” for $999.99 off the cover price

No Jailbreak required! That’s right, now you too can pretend you were $999.99 richer a few minutes ago! Sure, it may not have I Am Rich’s secret piece of advice that may or may not have made you even richer, but I am 99% sure that advice was “Do not waste your money on expensive crap like this”.

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101 Classic Computer Ads [PICS]

Boing Boing Gadgets has compiled a nice set of 101 classic computer ads.

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