Monday, October 31, 2005

Mark's Sysinternals Blog: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

Mark's Sysinternals Blog: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far: "Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far
Last week when I was testing the latest version of RootkitRevealer (RKR) I ran a scan on one of my systems and was shocked to see evidence of a rootkit. Rootkits are cloaking technologies that hide files, Registry keys, and other system objects from diagnostic and security software, and they are usually employed by malware attempting to keep their implementation hidden (see my “Unearthing Rootkits” article from the June issue of Windows IT Pro Magazine for more information on rootkits). The RKR results window reported a hidden directory, several hidden device drivers, and a hidden application:"

Steve Case resigns from Time Warner board | CNET

Steve Case resigns from Time Warner board | CNET "America Online co-founder Steve Case stepped down from Time Warner's board of directors on Monday as the Internet division tries to make a comeback.

Case, who had been one of the main architects of the disastrous merger between AOL and Time Warner, stepped down from his post as chairman of the board in 2003. Since then, he has served as a board member for the company, despite protests from shareholders, who were angered by the sharp dip in the company's value after the merger was completed."

Ruby on Rails chases simplicity in programming | CNET

Ruby on Rails chases simplicity in programming | CNET "What's new:
Ruby on Rails, a relatively new Web development framework, has become popular among programmers for its simplicity and productivity.

Bottom line:
Although created by just one person, the software is having an impact and getting noticed by pioneering programmers eager to spot hot, new trends. Some analysts are recommending it for new Web applications."

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The fastest moving OpenSolaris Distro

The fastest moving OpenSolaris Distro

Belenix has gone from a LiveCD with just CLI interface, to X support including XFce4 graphical desktop. Complete with multimedia app, xmms, as well as other OpenSource tools. Seems to be good choice :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Microsoft hauled into court in piracy case

Microsoft hauled into court in piracy case: "SOFTWARE GIANT and music industry friend Microsoft was dragged squeaking before a court and accused of music piracy.

The former drummer for the defunct popular beat combo Ink & Dagger, Ryan McLaughlin, had filed a lawsuit against Vole for allegedly stealing his band's songs."

Friday, October 28, 2005

VHS lives on--just barely | CNET

VHS lives on--just barely | CNET "He's got an idea what to do with that aging video gear--turn it into an automatic cat feeder, using the VCR's timer to dispense food on a regular schedule.

Writing for Make magazine, Larsson described how an old VCR--assuming its timer was still operational--could be turned into a 'programmabowl VCR' designed to ensure that pets be fed on time in their owners' absence."

Photos: iPod goes trick-or-treating | CNET

Photos: iPod goes trick-or-treating | CNET "iPod goes trick-or-treating

Still trying to come up with a Halloween costume idea? Here's some inspiration from enthusiasts who have dressed as their favorite music player with varying degrees of artistic and technical prowess. No Nanos, for now anyway, but we're anticipating their popularity Monday night."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Microsoft's 'big bang' could be its last | CNET

Microsoft's 'big bang' could be its last | CNET "When Microsoft releases its SQL Server 2005 database on Nov. 7, it will have been five years since the last version debuted. If Windows Vista arrives as scheduled next fall, it too will follow its predecessor by five years.

That's a pretty long time to make customers wait for a new release. Too long, concedes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer."

AMD's market share gains accelerate | CNET

AMD's market share gains accelerate | CNET "Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices made notable market share gains against Intel in the third quarter, according to a new report.

Intel's market share dropped 1.4 points to 80.8 percent in third quarter ending September 30, from 82.2 percent in the second quarter, according to a report on Taiwanese tech site Digitimes that cited figures from Mercury Research.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD, meanwhile, saw its processor share rise 1.6 points from 16.2 to 17.8 percent. AMD plucked most of its gains from Intel, but also snagged some from flagging Transmeta."

A Geeks Guide to Working Out

Many of us diggers would rather use the computer in our spare time rather than working out. The following is a good guide to help us find our "inner-world's strongest man" and to help us silence the call of the video games...if that's possible.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Second X-Files film to begin filming

X-Files: Fight the Future director Rob Bowman has high hopes that a sequel to his 1998 movie will soon begin production. All X-files fan lets hope so but it looks go for the sequel.

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Bootup Screens

Those old old old boot up screens from those long forgotten operating systems. check it out :)

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Slashdot | Apache Webserver Surpasses 50 Million Website Mark

Slashdot | Apache Webserver Surpasses 50 Million Website Mark: "For the first time ever, the Apache Web Server is powering more than 50 million websites, according to Netcraft's Web Server Survey for October. Although relative share fell by 0.67 percent, the total number of sites powered by Apache grew to over 52 million. Microsoft's IIS finished second with more than 15 million sites served.'" | AMD drops prices; FX-60 listed | AMD drops prices; FX-60 listed: "
AMD officially announced their latest round of price cuts yesterday. Both Intel and AMD employ a similar ladder model for the pricing of their processor range. The individual price-points rarely change, but periodically, they introduce a new flagship at the top, bumping all existing SKUs down one rung and the slowest model drops off the bottom into the Discontinued bin.

If you are considering dropping big bucks on a new CPU, it can often help to know in advance what the chip makers have in store for the future so you can plan your purchase. Looking at today's prices, if you had around £200, you could get a Venice-cored 3800+; the San Diego-cored 4000+ is outside your budget at £241.35. However, at the next product launch, everything will move down the price ladder, and in theory, you should be able to get that 4000+ for the same £200.

AVault have obtained a confidential AMD document that shows the pricing roadmap to Q1 2006. While no specific date is given for the next price drop, you can use it as a guide for any upgrade you might be considering between now and April.

Of more interest to those with deep pockets or a birthday coming up in early in the New Year is that this leaked pricelist has the first mention we have seen of both the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and the FX-60."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Maxtor Ships 500 Gigabyte Hard Drives

Maxtor has added 500 GByte versions to its 3.5" hard drive product portfolio. Half a terabyte of space is now available in the firm's 7200rpm MaxLine Pro series for the enterprise segment, in the QuickView family of consumer electronics drives and in the desktop-targeted DiamondMax 11 drive series.

Wow this thing was announce nine mouths ago, and Maxtor finally got their ass out of bed to release this drive. Wake me up when WD or seagate comes out with their 1TB HD. Now that something to get excited about.

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BBC NEWS | Technology | BitTorrent user guilty of piracy

BBC NEWS | Technology | BitTorrent user guilty of piracy: "

BitTorrent user guilty of piracy

A Hong Kong man has been convicted of movie internet piracy in what is believed to be the first case involving BitTorrent file-sharing software.

Chan Nai-ming was found guilty of copyright infringement for distributing three Hollywood blockbusters using BitTorrent, said a court official.

Chan was released on bail of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$641) pending a sentencing hearing scheduled for 7 November." - Tech News and Views From My World. - Tech News and Views From My World.

The problem with DC++ you have to tell it your IP address to go active. This is only i have knowledge p2p client that need this. Shareaza, ares, (insert your favorite client here) BT all you need to set up port forwarding in your router, to go active in these clients. Since I have sbc dsl, they change my ip address sometime up to three times a day. I need to reenter my ip address in my DC++ client to go active again. It very annoying feature of DC++. I wish future release of DC++ fixes this problem soon. Or I am going to switch to another DC client fix this problem.

Ready for a 20-inch laptop? | CNET

Ready for a 20-inch laptop? | CNET "How big is your laptop? Fifteen inches? Seventeen inches? How about a massive 19- or 20-inch wide-screen LCD model?

With so many DVDs featuring letterboxed or wide-screen versions of films, consumers' fascination with larger screen sizes is changing the size and shape of the laptop industry, stated an IDC report issued on Monday.

The wide-screen format, found in only 39.2 percent of laptops expected to ship this year, will become dominant in mid- to late 2006. It will nearly eclipse standard screen dimensions by the end of 2009, the market research firm estimates."

"P2P network pushes play on paid service

CNET -- Technology news and business reports: "P2P network pushes play on paid service

iMesh relaunches Tuesday as the first formerly unregulated peer-to-peer network to turn itself into a paid music service.
Image: Searching for songs
11 hours, 3"

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stupid End User License Gems

Slashdot | End User License Gems: "'TG Daily has an article on EULA Gems, priceless statements that companies want you to agree to in their End User License Agreement.' From the article: 'You agree, if purchasing by credit card or charge card, that you permanently and irrevocably waive any and all right to cause a 'chargeback' ... You agree that, if you institute such a 'chargeback', it constitutes a material violation of this license, and damages Company in ways impossible to calculate, and with long-term adverse effects to the Company.'"

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Boing Boing: Pixel-art Mario made from stacked Rubik's Cubes

Boing Boing: Pixel-art Mario made from stacked Rubik's Cubes: "Pixel-art Mario made from stacked Rubik's Cubes
This pixel-art Super Mario is made from cunningly twisted Rubik's Cubes, arranged and stacked by Invader, the legendary public artist. Link (via Wonderland) "

The other BSOD screensaver 1.1

This screensaver pretends to cause a crash, "re-boots", and installs linux in disgust! Then watch who logs in ;)

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Blue Screens of Death

Gallery of private and public microsoft failures.

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HDTV definitions

Wondering what all of those HDTV acronyms and terms mean? Want to know the difference between interlaced and progressive? How about brightness and contrast? This list of 35 terms and definitions help bring some basic clarity to high-definition television.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ebert Gives DOOM One Star

According to Mr. Ebert, 'watching "Doom" is like visiting Vegas and never leaving your hotel room'. Hopefully he's wrong and IGN is right, but I have my doubts.

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China Blocks Wikipedia

News is coming in that at least in Shanghai, you can no longer access Wikipedia. Under fire recently over the quality and accuracy of some articles, Wikipedians living in China are shit out of luck. Now thats Too bad China does not Block Comcast or G4tv.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Super Mario World level-editor

"Lunar Magic is a level editor I created for Super Mario World (SNES). It's the first and, as far as I know, the only level editor available for this game. I began looking into making an editor for it shortly after releasing the SoM VWF patch, mostly on a whim to see how hard it would be."

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Anti-Bacterial Soap Is Bad For You.

Ultimately if using it helps create more powerful bacteria. -- "Anti-bacterial soaps and body washes in the household aren't any more effective in reducing illness than regular soap, and could potentially contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, experts told a government advisory panel Thursday."

But, always remember to wash behind your ears.

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Blimps - The Next High Hopes for Broadband

The pressure for faster terrestrial broadband has resulted in researchers literally looking to the skies for solutions. The Capanina Research Consortium is planning stratospheric super fast broadband using sophisticated airship technology.

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FTC Clamps Down on P2P Scam Site

Many of these websites who repackage software will rename the product to something a bit more catchy, such as "Kazaa Gold", "WinMX Plus", or "Ares Extreme." These sites will then charge well over $20.00 for the software

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Detail shots New G5

This morning we received our shipment of New PowerMac G5s. I took some pictures of the interesting changes I had noticed right away. Look at the power plug change. The antenna is now a bar on the back instead of removable pegs. The PCI-e is 4x and 8x slots, labeled on the motherboard.

And will Leo Laporte be one of first one to buy one these new G5s? Then next week apple will announced they cut the prices on these system by 35%, and then Mr. laporte get hit by the Leo effect once again.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Test your hearing

"To do the test your computer must have a sound card and earphones attached (you can even use walkman earphones, but do not use speakers). The more carefully you observe the following instructions, the more accurate the test result will be."

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Convertibles: The new laptop bling? | CNET

Convertibles: The new laptop bling? | CNET "Hold on to your keyboard. Laptop computer screens that flip around to become convertible tablet PCs could be an increasingly common sight within the next three years."

Google gives up on Gmail name in U.K. | CNET

Google gives up on Gmail name in U.K. | CNET "Google stopped using the Gmail name in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, ending a trademark dispute for now.

The Gmail service there is now known as Googlemail."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

: "Jon Lech Johansen, the 21-year-old Norwegian media hacker nicknamed DVD Jon, is moving to San Diego to work for maverick tech entrepreneur Michael Robertson in what can only be described as the most portentous team-up since Butch met Sundance.


McCain want his digital TV and he want its Now.

will push for an earlier transition of analog television spectrum to emergency response organizations, saying the April 2009 deadline proposed in a Senate draft bill could cost lives during crises.

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Slashdot | Federal Court Shuts Down Pay As You Go Wireless

Slashdot | Federal Court Shuts Down Pay As You Go Wireless: "BCGI has been found guilty of infringing on pay-as-you-go wireless patents owned by Freedom Wireless. This means that cellular providers who use BCGI pay-as-you-go billing systems must immediately stop selling new service. For the next 90 days, as they wind down their service, they will have to pay Freedom Wireless 2.5 cents per airtime minute used PER CUSTOMER. This heralds a farewell to Cingular's Go Phone and Sprint-Nextel's Boost services, both powered by BCGI."

Slashdot | Wikipedia Founder Sees Serious Quality Problems

Slashdot | Wikipedia Founder Sees Serious Quality Problems: "The Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online project. From the article: 'Meanwhile, criticism from outside the Wikipedia camp has been rebuffed with a ferocious blend of irrationality and vigor that's almost unprecedented in our experience: if you thought Apple, Amiga, Mozilla or OS/2 fans were er, ... passionate, you haven't met a wiki-fiddler.'"

But In the long run Wikipedia will always have better and more actuate information its site than!

Nintendo's NES game console turns 20

On Oct. 18, 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first went on sale in the United States. It was an 8-bit video game console, and largely thanks to "Super Mario Bros.," a spinoff from the arcade hit "Donkey Kong," the NES quickly became the most successful game system of its era

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Firefox hits 100,000,000 downloads!

Since the counter started on, the open-source IE alternative, Firefox, has been downloaded over 100 Million times in less than a year. Firefox fans rejoice!

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Texas Town Celebrates Kermit‘s 50th B-Day

Texas Town Celebrates Kermit‘s 50th B-Day: "KERMIT, Texas - Kermit the Frog began a globe-hopping tour to celebrate his 50th showbiz birthday in this small West Texas town that shares the beloved amphibian‘s name.

The town, one of two in the country named Kermit, also painted Kermit‘s face on the community‘s large water tower. The local Dairy Queen offered green French fries and ice cream in his honor. A park in town also will bear his name.

Kermit‘s 50-stop tour will cross four continents and last until the end of 2006. Stops include the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Johnson Space Center and a courageous appearance at a Frog Leg Festival in Fellsmere, Fla. He‘s even scheduled to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Kermit made his debut in a 1955 television comedy called 'Sam and Friends,' which aired locally in Washington, D.C., but he looked more lizardlike back then. Kermit was fashioned from an old coat belonging to the mother of late Muppets creator Jim Henson and was named after one of Henson‘s childhood friends."

190 Million Year Old Dinosaur Embryos Found In S. Africa

Finding dinosaur bones is one thing, but finding fossilized embryos is very rare. These are the oldest dinosaur embryos every discovered, says Dr. Robert Reisz, a professor at the University of Toronto.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

San Jose Earthquakes - News - Home

San Jose Earthquakes - News - Home: "De Rosario, Quakes finish off Galaxy
The San Jose Earthquakes put the finishing touches on their best-ever regular season with a thorough 3-1 thrashing of the in-state rival Los Angeles Galaxy at The Home Depot Center on Saturday."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Paper thin televisions

This could be quite cool. Cheap, paper-thin TV screens that can be used in newspapers and magazines have been unveiled by German electronics giant Siemens.

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Can't Sleep?? The Net Top List To Put you to Sleep.

The mother of all online lists of Random Oddity Ramblings of weirdness of Boredom, Just read two of these list Will put you asleep garentee! no time.

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With new factory, AMD ups ante against Intel

AMD has dreamed of nabbing 30 percent of the market share for PC microprocessors. Though achieving that goal won't be easy, a new fabrication facility opened in Germany on Friday gives the company the real estate to try.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Three indicted in massive bust of pirated CDs | CNET

Three indicted in massive bust of pirated CDs | CNET "A federal grand jury indicted three men on Wednesday in what prosecutors are calling the largest bust of pirated CDs in U.S. history.

The indictment follows the arrest last week of Ye Teng Wen, 29, Hao He, 30, and Yaobin Zhai, 33, on charges of illegally reproducing 325,000 music and software CDs.

Two of the men are American citizens and one has a U.S. work permit, said a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney for Northern California."

Google, Comcast in talks to invest in AOL - Yahoo! News

Google, Comcast in talks to invest in AOL - Yahoo! News: "Google Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOG - news) and cable company Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq:CMCSA - news) are in discussions to buy a stake in Time Warner Inc.'s (NYSE:TWX - news) America Online, two sources said, in a deal reportedly worth as much as $5 billion.

An investment would set the stage for an alliance marrying Time Warner's trove of programing and Google's popular search and e-mail services with Comcast's high-speed Internet portal and experience in cable video distribution and telecommunications."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The iPod (with video) and new iMac G5—hands-on first impressions! - Engadget -

The iPod (with video) and new iMac G5—hands-on first impressions! - Engadget - "The video iPod won’t disappoint. It feels slim and easy to hold even after two weeks spent with my nano. Video playback is solid. They’re not kidding about 30 fps without sputtering. You can’t fast forward, but you can scroll back and forth on a progress bar—just as you do with music—to jump forward and back in the video. Oh, and the black model is going to be hot. Without the U2 model’s red wheel it’s less of an acquired taste.

The iMac hasn’t changed much. It’s a wee bit thinner and there’s a camera eye / IR detector at the top. The eye is the one thing that doesn’t live up to Apple’s usual panache. It seems an odd black dot in the middle of the iMac’s white forehead.

The remote control, which uses IR is very stylish. It has an iPod Shuffle look and feel and a set of controls set in a circle that resemble the first iPods, but are marked differently. The on-screen menus for Front Row are also iPod-like. One nice touch is the way Front Row blurs out the menu screen on a DVD (You know: “Operation not permitted”) and puts a standardized iPod-like menu over it. My one gripe is that it’s not always clear which button to push on the remote: plus or minus, fast forward or rewind, or something else? The Apple rep told me to press Menu to select the video player from the main Front Row menu. Whoops - you have to press Play (>). Yes, even six buttons can be confusing at first—unusual for Apple.

TV shows on the iMac are a grainy 320 x 240 that looks better in a small window than full screen. It’s not a TiVo replacement, let’s be clear. It’s more like the BitTorrent copies of The Daily Show - a way to catch shows you’d have to miss otherwise, and definitely more reliable than streaming. It’ll be a good alternative to needing to plop in front of the boob tube once more shows become available. The iTunes interface is a lot more consumer friendly than finding and downloading to"

Another reason why not to by Symantec products hikes Norton renewal prices

Symantec has quietly raised renewal prices for its Norton antivirus and other products, a move some see as a parting shot before Microsoft enters the consumer security fray next year.

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LIVE: Apple release new thinner iMac with built in camera....

The all-new iMac has three new features: it's thinner, it's got an iSight videocamera built in, and it's got a new app called Photobooth - 'the funnest app we've ever written.

And the next Apple event, All of your new Ipod videos, nanos, Imacs, Powerbooks and g5 dual-core towers will be obsolete!

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Flash MAME a Flash-based front end for MAME

You can now Play Mame in Flash. The file is ~2MB, so it may take a while if you have a slow connection, but you can see the front end in action

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25 unpatched flaws in Internet Explorer

According to this overview by Secunia, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has 25 unpatched security holes. Firefox is doing better, but isn't perfect, with 3 unpatched vulnerabilities (there's a link at the top of the page).

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Palm drops Zire, Tungsten names

Palm updated its Zire and Tungsten handheld devices on Wednesday as part of a rebranding strategy that will now emphasize its Palm name over all others

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The Classic Portable Listening Device Museum

"Welcome to our visual presentation spotlighting ten years of audio technology. We've amassed a diverse and colorful collection of personal stereos and wish to share them with you."

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Smoking Associated With Lower IQ

Smokers often say that smoking a cigarette helps them concentrate and feel more alert. But years of tobacco use may have the opposite effect, dimming the speed and accuracy of a person's thinking ability and bringing down their IQ, according to a new study led by University of Michigan researchers.

Also study prove watching shows like the man show g4 Lower an persons IQ!

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'iPod tax' coming to Japan? | CNET

'iPod tax' coming to Japan? | CNET "n the United States, recording labels want a bigger slice of Apple Computer's success in digital music by seeking higher prices on downloaded songs. Japan's music industry has a different idea: putting a fee on iPods."

Google fixes Web site security bug | CNET

Google fixes Web site security bug | CNET "Google has fixed a security flaw on its Web site that opened the door to phishing scams, account hijacks and other attacks, security researchers said Monday."

IBM Research turns 60

IBM Research is celebrating 60 years of breakthroughs in computer science, physics and semiconductor design on Tuesday, as it steps up its efforts to scientifically study how organizations operate

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kill The Dog from Duck Hunt!

Yes now you can get sweet revenge by Killing Off That Annoying Dog from Duck Hunt!!

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New Canon camera detects smiles

This is cool. The camera has an artificial intelligence system which waits for smiles and bright eyes to peak before snapping the picture. No word Yet when this will be the Todayd's Special Value on QVC.

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Timeline of video games 1950 - 2004

A timeline of video and computer games in reverse chronological order.Though the history of the video game spans almost five decades, video games themselves didn't become part of the popular culture until the late 1970s.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

More than 2,000 Dead in Asia Earthquake

More than 2,000 Dead in Asia Earthquake: "ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) -- A powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake near the Pakistan-India border Saturday reduced villages to rubble, triggered landslides and flattened an apartment building. More than 2,000 people were killed in both nations, and a Pakistan army spokesman called the devastation 'a national tragedy.'"

Stanford Team Crosses Finish Line First In Robot Race

The Stanford Racing Team is first across the finish line in the DARPA Grand Challenge robot race.

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The Face of Inspector Gadget's "Dr. Claw" Revealed!

Many people hoped to see the face of Dr. Claw in the cartoons finale, but that wasn't the case. It took the release of official action figures to show us what he really looked like all along.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

-- 46 Good Guys stores to close > News > Business -- 46 Good Guys stores to close: "CompUSA announced plans to close 46 Good Guys stores two years after buying the electronics retailer. The company said it would merge the high-end home entertainment products that Good Guys offered into its own stores. On Tuesday, 11 Good Guys stores were shut down, and the remaining 35 locations are scheduled to close over the next two months. All 11 stores closed Tuesday were in California, including those at 11485 Carmel Mountain Road, "

Slashdot | 2005 IgNobel Prize Awards

Slashdot | 2005 IgNobel Prize Awards: "e 15th Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony was held at Sander's Theater at Harvard University. Winners include: Will Humans Swim Faster or Slower in Syrup? (Chemistry), Electrically monitoring the activity of a brain cell in a locust while that locust was watching selected highlights from the movie 'Star Wars' (Peace), The Significance of Mr. Richard Buckley's Exploding Trousers (Agricultural History) and many more. Interestingly Roy Glauber, who for ten years has humbly swept paper airplanes on the stage at the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, won the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics. Archived video of the live webcast is also available for those who couldn't attend the ceremony.'"

Slashdot | Google Launches Google Reader at Web 2.0

Slashdot | Google Launches Google Reader at Web 2.0: "Google Reader, an online RSS reader, is currently being demo'd at the Web 2.0 conference. It apparently 'makes it easier to keep up with your ever-expanding reading list of content from across the web.' Here's the tour about how it works.'"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Slashdot | Internet Growth in 2005 Sets Record

Slashdot | Internet Growth in 2005 Sets Record: "etcraft's Web Server Survey reports that a large gain in web sites in October makes 2005 the strongest year ever for Internet growth. The web has added 17.5 million sites so far this year, eclipsing the previous annual best of 16 million during the dot-com boom in 2000. And that's with two months left in the year. Is this growth for real? Web hosts targeting the small business market (like Yahoo Small Business and Go Daddy) report that business is booming, suggesting that web-wary local businesses are finally going online. "

Breaking America's grip on the Net

Representatives of the EU have coalesced with the mission of stripping the United States of its solitary control on the internet. This comes as a result from the global acceptance of the net as the largest and most widespread economic operating and networking tool of the present and future.

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Fake Google Toolbars Go Phishing

An Internet security specialist says a new threat forces computers to install faked Google software via Instant Messengers, which then goes phishing.

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Google Localizes Online Maps Service

Google Inc. is combining its popular online maps with its local search features, continuing a quest to increase its already rapidly rising advertising revenue.

The new features are expected to be available Thursday at either and

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Report: AOL buying Weblogs Inc. | Get Up to Speed Wi Fi Journal | CNET

Report: AOL buying Weblogs Inc. | Get Up to Speed Wi Fi Journal | CNET "Web giant AOL is buying Weblogs Inc., a publisher of blogs that includes the popular Engadget, a Web site that offers blogs about electronics gear.

According to, the deal is expected to be announced this week. Weblogs Inc., not to be confused with, was founded by Jason Calacanis and Brian Alvey. It has approximately 130 bloggers and 15 full-time employees.

PaidContent estimated the purchase price at anywhere from $20 million to $35 million"

Disposable e-mail address roundup

Here's a pretty nice roundup of some of the services available to create throwaway e-mail addresses to keep your inbox free from spam.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

PeerGuardian2 is Back

With a new name of course, Phoenix Labs. The old domains are now under possession of Phoenix Labs and should redirect to Phoenix Lab's home page.

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The "Neo Double" - Nintendo DS ripoff (VIDEO)

Remember the "Pop Station" ripping off the PSP? Here is the video from the same guy of the "Neo Double", a ripoff of the Nintendo DS portable..
If this piece of crap is even reviews on Xplay. Morgen Webb will give this the Neo Double - Nintendo DS ripoff a rating of 0 to of 5. she is NOT terrified by the goverment of China.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ipod nano VS the washing machine

A crazy nano survival story. Who said the nano was fragile?

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Google Office Live Webcast

Tuesday, October 4, 2005
10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 p.m. ET

Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

Please join Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO and Dr.
Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO as they
discuss a new collaborative effort between the two companies.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shit Shack to hawk AMD's net appliance | Channel Register

Shit Shack to hawk AMD's net appliance | Channel Register: "AMD and Shit Shack have decided they're brave enough to give the fabled internet terminal another go. The vendors have teamed to sell a cheap, no frills box designed to function as an e-mail, word processor and internet workhorse.'s 13 BEST Launch titles of all time! list's the 3 BEST launch titles of all times for games released alongside new game machine. If you play games this is a cool article.

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San Jose Earthquakes - News - 10/01/2005

San Jose Earthquakes - News - 10/01/2005: "FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In a matchup of the top two teams in Major League Soccer, the San Jose Earthquakes laid claim to the best in the league after they came away from Gillette Stadium with a 2-0 victory against the New England Revolution on Saturday night.

Brian Ching and Dwayne De Rosario scored second-half goals from the Earthquakes, now five points ahead of the Revolution in the race for the MLS Supporters Shield -- awarded to the team with the best regular-season record -- with two games remaining for each club. The Revolution played a man down for the half-hour after Daniel Hernandez was sent off."

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Slashdot | Bad Movies to Blame for Box Office Slump

Slashdot | Bad Movies to Blame for Box Office Slump: "'The LA Times is reporting that box office executives are finally fessing up and taking the blame. Poor box office receipts over the summer weren't caused by surging fuel costs, changes in audience preferences, or anything el"

StarForce 3? copy protection cracked

StarForce 3? Known to human as the toughest copy protection. After near misses and numerous attempts, it looks like the beast has been taken down. So what exactly is StarForce 3? StarForce 3 is a CD / DVD copy protection system designed for developers and publishers who wish to protect their software and files distributed on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

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Hanging Up On Dell?

Hanging Up On Dell?: "Hanging Up On Dell?
Gripes about tech support are on the rise, and the PC king is scrambling to upgrade

It didn't seem as if he was asking for much. When the CD drive on Peter Ulyatt's Dell desktop computer failed this summer, he called the support crew at Dell (DELL ), where he'd bought the $1,600 machine nine months prior. Armed with an extended warranty that cost him an extra $300, the Pasadena (Calif.) retiree got on the phone and waited. After sitting on hold for 45 minutes, a technician whom Ulyatt could barely understand came on the line and diagnosed a 'software problem.' Ulyatt's call, transferred to the software technician, was dropped. Calling back, Ulyatt waited on hold another 45 minutes, asked for the software desk, and waited a half-hour more before hanging up. 'At the moment, I'm not high on Dell's service,' says Ulyatt, who plans to buy two new PCs in a year or so. 'When I buy again, I will look at others beyond Dell.'"

O'Reilly Explains What Is Web 2.0

Defining just what Web 2.0 means, still engenders much disagreement. Tim O'Reilly attempts to clarify just what we meant by Web 2.0, digging into what it means to view the Web as a platform and which applications fall squarely under its purview, and which do not. It really all hype to sell more O'Reilly book. How about that!

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